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Everyone here at Crime Fiction Lover is right behind our fellow contributor Luca Veste. The Merseyside-based writer’s first book, Liverpool 5, is available now on Amazon and inside you’ll find five short stories set in the city. “It’s a mix of crime and characters,” says Veste. “I enjoy writing about people, life and death, that sort of thing. I also love the short story form, trying to tell a story in so few words, there’s something in that which interests me.”

One of his aims was to show there’s more to his home city than football and the Beatles. So his work explores both the light and dark sides of Liverpool, with characters inspired by real-life situations – an old man and a young lad, or a husband and wife whose marriage is slowly dying.

“I had around ten stories I wanted to do something with. The writer Darren Sant was releasing short stories through Trestle Press and he encouraged me to send them a couple of stories to see what they thought. They liked them a lot, so it was a fairly quick process following that,” explains Veste.

The book is available on Kindle for just 86p. Give it a try and see what you think, or wait for the paperback next week. You can read reviews and articles by Luca Veste here at Crime Fiction Lover, and much more of his work at his blog, Guilty Conscience.

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      1. Alan Ward Thomas Reply

        Dear Luca,

        Congratulations on the publication your book of stories! It sounds good. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, thought if you are working on a new crop of stories, I’m looking for stories for Noir Nation Issue 2, if you are interested in submitting. I haven’t had any from Liverpool yet for NN2. Also if you know other short story writers looking for a loyal publisher with a world-wide reach maybe pass the word along if it suits you. Got any buddies up in Scotland? Haven’t had a Scot in yet. We pay $100 USD per accepted story and the rights revert to the author upon publication, so you could later include them in a book. We also publish essays on crime fiction and graphic novels.

        There are some free sample stories on our website in the Issue 1 menu. If you have the time check them out and see if you would like to be in their company.


        P.S. We leave the definition of what a “noir” story is to the authors.

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