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Crime Fiction Lover was set up by two journalists who love reading crime stories – everything from atmospheric noir to thriller mysteries and police procedurals. The rise of Kindle, eBooks and iBooks interests us a great deal. We hope to discover and share some of the best reads on these new formats, but by no means will we overlook traditional print. There’s nothing like the feel and smell of a freshly printed book.

Our aim is to bring you helpful and concise articles, covering as much of the genre as we can. From Scandinavian crime fiction through to hardboiled detectives, and from cutting edge contemporary right back to the Golden Age, wherever there’s a mystery novel, we’re interested. We can’t cover every new release, but we do our best, and try to provide fellow fans of the genre with the best impartial buying advice on the internet.

Since setting up, we’ve been joined by a team of like-minded experts in the genre, who are making fantastic contributions to the website.

Meet the team
Spriteby – you can take it from us, she loves Scandinavian crime fiction more than might be healthy, with a stated aim of reading every Nordic crime novel ever written. Also enjoys historical mysteries.

RoughJustice – Mike Parker loves crime fiction, and particularly those with pulp and noir leanings. Based in Derbyshire, his favourite writers are Ross Macdonald, Peter Temple and Joe Lansdale.

DavidPrestidge – Hailing from the thriving community of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, David loves a range of authors including from Conan Doyle to Stuart MacBride and many others in between. His blog is dedicated to his home town.

MarinaSofia – Based in France, Marina enjoys English language crime stories set in countries all around the world. She’s working on her own book and has a blog all about writing – poetry, articles, reviews and more.

crimefictionlover – Co-founder of the site Garrick Webster enjoys the work of James Ellroy, Nordic crime writers and almost any other good noir-ish mysteries. He recently contributed to the cancer charity project Memories.

Keith Nixon – Outside of his day job in sales, Keith Nixon is a writer and a reviewer of crime novels. His books are published by Caffeine Nights. Favourite authors include Ian Rankin, Tony Black, Christopher Fowler and Lee Child among many others.

DeathBecomesHer – An experienced journalist and former Press Association reporter, Sandra Mangan loves reading works by Ian Rankin, Elizabeth George, Val McDermid, Jeffrey Deaver and Lee Child.

MyBookishWays – Kristin Centorcelli is based in Texas, and runs the excellent fantasy/horror blog MyBookishWays. However mysteries, noir and suspense novels have always been her passion.

Jeremy – Jeremy Megraw works in the New York Public Library and contributes to their excellent blog. He’s a fan of Scandinavian crime fiction, American noir, and also Colin Cotterill and Ian Pears.

Andre – Based in South London, Andre Paine is a journalist covering music, arts and entertainment. He spends far too much of his spare time in bookshops and his crime fiction favourites include Patricia Highsmith, Fred Vargas, Kate Atkinson, Marco Vichi and Henning Mankell.

Raven – A bookseller, Raven is a voracious reader of crime, as well as other types of fiction. Though she’s not as interested in the cosy sub-genre, she does enjoy crime fiction from any continent. In addition to her posts here on Crime Fiction Lover, she blogs at Raven Crime Reads.

nagaisayonara – Louis Bravos is a Japanese to English translator, blogger and occasional writer, living in Melbourne, Australia. He’d love to see more Asian crime books translated and wrote our introduction to Japanese crime fiction here.

Join us!
To get in touch with us please use the contact page here. We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. You can also join us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and GoodReads.

Review Policy
We love reviewing great crime books, so publishers, publicists and authors are welcome to submit material for consideration. We can’t guarantee that we can review your book if you send it to us, but we’ll do our best. If you don’t have our details, please use the contact page here. Please do not use Twitter or Facebook to lobby us for a review.

Our website has a growing audience of crime fiction lovers, and we welcome advertising enquiries. For more information on our traffic and rates please email info <at> crimefictionlover.com.

Our editorial and advertising policies are entirely separate. Material sent in by advertisers will be considered for the site purely on its merits by our contributors. This policy is in place for the sake of our own integrity as well as yours. Crime Fiction Lover is not a site where you can buy a review, or any other form of editorial coverage.

We chose 1&1 as our host because they use renewable resources such as wind, water, or solar energy. To get 1&1 Green Hosting for your website click here.


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